To Be or Not to Be: Teaching Hamlet to Teens

Lois blogs“To be or not to be?”  Getting ready to teach ‘Hamlet’ on the road, before which I will teach in London, where I will teach teenagers about some themes in my book, “Afterworld.”  It will be a 2nd.  I taught a street gang last book, this book, which nearly killed me, is a more complex piece of fiction;  seen and unseen worlds, genetic disposition, dead coming to the aid of the living without being aware that they are heading home to help anyone, but themselves.  I believe we are selfish at the core, if that is who we are, then we are selfish after we have gone, but we think  we are not, so we can live and die with ourselves.  Back to Hamlet… those big themes.  Give me Romeo and Juliet.  Teenagers torn asunder by their parents and the never ending family feud; Montagues and Capulets at war forever.  If teenagers were given the opportunity to listen to their inner voice they might be better off.  Of course a little bit of parental guidance never hurt anyone, but please, no guidance based on prejudice, and old ideas; guidance based on love would do;  teens are smart.  Give them credit, even if they are fucked up, they can transcend their genetic disposition if given the appropriate guidance.

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