Rights and wrongs

I am finishing up the last third of my first edit of my next novel: painful experience. More painful is reading David Brooks’ article in the New York Times yesterday. It appears the good guys are tired, have lost the will to fight for freedom, and the power hungry, religious zealots have more will than ever. The bad guys believe in what they are doing. The good guys would rather leave well enough alone. Holy shit. That is scary!

What I brought away from this depressing article is that if it is not in our own back yard, we do not feel the threat, we do not worry about loss of rights, or loss of freedom.

I look at Syria, the entire middle east, the Ukraine, Pakistan, Iran, Afghanistan, and I cry. I cry. It does not only matter if one of our own is beheaded. Every human life threatened or lost, every woman raped, every village burned, every country invaded, every outrage is our responsibility. I do not mean we march in, we tell countries, or rebel groups how to behave. No. That has never worked. We usually support the wrong regime for the wrong reasons; money, oil, you name it. There stands self interest.

We, this country, our government should tap into its compassion. Let’s acknowledge there is a shift in the world order. It is a frightening, militant, life threatening shift for many.

There is a shift in our country as well. Abortion should not be on anybody’s agenda, other than the woman who needs the abortion. The fact that we are headed toward in home abortions is horrifying. The fact that we have racial violence, racial profiling is abhorrent, the fact that the police are using military weapons from Afghanistan, Pakistan, and lord knows where else, is unforgivable.

I am not a terribly political animal, but even I am ready to march, to raise my voice in protest about all of the wrong doing at home, and abroad.

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