I become the ocean

Reading the newspaper kills my soul, eats my heart, destroys my faith in mankind. Instead of reading the newspaper, when I am by the sea, I let my mind wander, my heart open, my inner landscape expand. To do that I swim; crawl, butterfly, reverse butterfly, breast stroke, back stroke… I swim. I become the ocean.

I needed this time by and in the sea. It had been a long time since I stuck my toe in the salt water, other than Epson Salts baths. I have been healing from a serious injury.  When I dive into the mighty ocean, I make a commitment to fully recovering. I am not there, yet. But, I will recover. I might not fully recover, but when I swim in the ocean, I believe, I am convinced I will fully recover. When I swim, I believe miracles can and will happen.

Time to get back to the page. Having had my morning Maca and raw chocolate drink, having walked barefoot to and from the beach, having had my morning swim, maybe I can tackle the work at hand with a clear mind, and a better idea of commas, semicolons, and the unbearable predicate nominative.

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