Drifting and Duned on Cape Cod

Cape cod DunesOn Cape Cod, having just read Thoreau’s “Cape Cod.”  Thoreau predicted few people would ever get to these glorious beaches; too hard to get to… I guess when he was alive it was just that… now…cars…traffic…retired people… people… gays… straights get here, forget their cares, forget that Syria is blowing up before our eyes, forget that we are not a peace loving nation.  Ironic; after world war Ⅱ it was soldiers who changed the face of the cape.  They were stationed here.  They settled here.  Thoreau was wrong.  I wish he were not.  It must have been beautiful back then when ships washed ashore,  settlers used drift wood for fire wood, and the sun sets stunned all who watched from the shore.  Love the sea.  It is my home. Cape Cod feels like home, but not most of its inhabitants, at least not here up cape.  I like it down cape.  I love those dunes.  Those are Thoreau’s dunes now.  I can not get such a naturalist out of my mind.  I wish we could go back to nature in every moment, even when the world is at war with itself.

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