Rights and wrongs

I am finishing up the last third of my first edit of my next novel: painful experience. More painful is reading David Brooks’ article in the New York Times yesterday. It appears the good guys are tired, have lost the … Continued

I become the ocean

Reading the newspaper kills my soul, eats my heart, destroys my faith in mankind. Instead of reading the newspaper, when I am by the sea, I let my mind wander, my heart open, my inner landscape expand. To do that … Continued


When I arrived at Cape Cod one week ago, I was so exhausted, I slept for hours, I felt somnambulistic for days upon days. Finally, I could think.  That is both good and bad.  I would rather be with the … Continued

Back to the Beach

I am in Cotuit, Ma.  I have been swimming in the sea.  It is a most magnificent day.  Margot is off to a phone meeting.  I am in the middle of cleaning up the first draft of “Beyond Expectation,” the … Continued

AFTERWORLD Review in The Booktrail

AFTERWORLD Review in The Booktrail

The Booktrail exposes readers to books and the places the books portray. They did an extraordinary job of portraying the atmosphere of AFTERWORLD, without revealing its secrets. AFTERWORLD by LOIS WALDEN A journey through the sugarcane and swamps of Louisiana … Continued

Teaching John Steinbeck, Part 5, a Guided Meditation

Teaching John Steinbeck, Part 5, a Guided Meditation

Remember: A Guided Meditation:  I begin each class with The Remember Meditation.  In Steinbeck’s adaptation of “Of Mice and Men” that word is used twelve, maybe thirteen times in the first two pages.  George reminds Lenny about his past, about … Continued

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